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I was always taught in Pharmacy School to use “non-pharmacologic” options whenever possible.

I didn’t quite take that to heart until I found out that my oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD in preschool at age 4.

After a few years of a “watch and wait” approach, his symptoms grew increasingly more concerning: bouts of rage and anger, significant and frequent mood swings, distraction and hyperactivity.

The behavioral therapist I was working with suggested we should see a psychiatrist, who would likely prescribe antidepressants, antipsychotics or stimulants.

As a pharmacist, I know how valuable medications can be, but I wasn’t yet willing to experiment on my first-grader.

My “ah-ha” moment happened while I was reading “The Wheat Belly Diet” by Dr. Bill Davis. Although I knew about the connection between gluten and ADHD, I never thought to take any action.

At this point, I was desperate and willing to try anything.

I integrated a “4S” approach over many months: SUGAR (ditch the wheat, reduce processed food (especially high fructose corn syrup and artificial food dyes), SLEEP, STRESS (environmental and heavy metal toxins) and smart SUPPLEMENTATION.

Within a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic difference in my son.

When asked by the behavioral therapist if he missed any of his foods, he replied, “No, not really”. When asked how he felt, he said “Good! I don’t feel angry anymore”. I knew I was onto something.

My personal health journey had begun several years prior to helping my 4 year old with his ADHD.

When I was pregnant with my second son, I found out on a 20 week ultrasound that he had a fatal birth defect called anencephaly. It was devastating to say the least, as I previously had a healthy 2 year old.

During this journey, I found out that I had a defect in a MTHFR gene, which is responsible conversion of folic acid into l-methylfolate, and can increase risk of neural tube defects.

Taking “folic acid” as prescribed did not help me, because my body couldn’t process that synthetic form. Unfortunately this information is not available within our current medical model.

My own research and knowledge led me to supplement with a different form of methylfolate and I went on to have another healthy pregnancy.

I’ve been a pharmacist for over 20 years, and this experience led me to reconsider the traditional medical model in which I was trained.

I want to show you how to incorporate strategies to improve diet, sleep, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies through a functional medicine approach. 

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