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US News & World Report: Is There a Connection Between Gut Health and ADHD?

Check out my contribution to the article “Is There A Connection Between Gut Health and ADHD” in US News and World Report.  Excerpts from the article are noted below: “The gut also houses over 1,000 different species of bacteria,” says Chantell Reagan, of FunctionalFarmacist.com, who focuses on nonpharmacologic ways to manage health. “Known as the …

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Impact ADHD: Guest blog post on the connection between food sensitivities/allergies and ADHD

Next in my series of guest blog posts on Impact ADHD‘s site, I explore the link between food allergies/sensitivities and ADHD. Click this link to learn more!  Please ask questions and leave any comments online. New to Impact ADHD?  CONNECT with them on Social Media: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Pinterest Connect …

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