Functional Medicine approach to ADHD beta-test

Functional Farmacist 4 week ADHD Group Coaching Beta-Test Group

Are you interested in learning more about my integrative approach to ADHD?  I’m beta-testing a FREE 4 week group coaching program later this month where we’ll discuss my 4 “S” approach to ADHD, which includes sleep, stress, sugar and smart supplementation.  Here’s just a handful of topics that we’ll cover:

  • Food allergy testing and diet tweaks to reduce inflammation
  • Practical tips for prioritizing sleep
  • The gut-brain connection and improving gut health
  • Mineral deficiency in ADHD
  • How to reduce environmental toxins
  • Essential oils and other alternative treatments

This program is worth $2000, but for the first 8 people, will be free of charge during this beta-test if you meet and can commit to all of the following requirements:

  • Have ADHD yourself or are a caretaker of someone with ADHD
  • Be available for 4 one-hour live coaching calls (followed by 30 minutes of Q&A) on Wed 3/30, Wed 4/6, Wed 4/13 and Wed 4/20 all at 7pmET.  If not available at this time, you would need to listen to replay and provide feedback about the presentation.
  • Provide verbal feedback about the presentation, as well as input about your ideal program.
  • Submit two final online surveys upon program completion and one 4 weeks out.

Please contact Chantell at to confirm eligibility and availability.

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